Frequently Asked Questions

Why Spire Home Therapy?

When choosing a Spire Home Therapy physical therapist, you are choosing personalized, convenient, and highly skilled care that will help you heal and recover in the comfort of your own home or office. We are not homecare therapists. We are experienced outpatient physical therapists, trained in the latest and most efficacious treatment techniques that will ensure the best possible outcomes. Our sessions are all one on one, which will mean that you are in the direct care of a Doctor of Physical Therapy the entire session. We emphasize patient satisfaction, and put you and your healthcare needs first. We strongly believe that effective health care involves clear communication between you and the different members of your healthcare team, which will ultimately improve your recovery outcome.

Do I need to see a physician or get a physical therapy prescription prior to beginning my treatment sessions?

In the states of NY and NJ, physical therapists can provide direct access. This means that you can visit a physical therapist without a prescription or referral from your doctor. This allows treatment to begin without delay and enables you to avoid increased out-of-pocket expenses by needing to see your general practitioner first.

What happens during my session?

After a thorough history, examination and assessment, you and your physical therapist will formulate a treatment plan that will address your needs. Your sessions may include a combination of manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, education, and techniques to enhance recovery and injury prevention.

Do you take insurance?

We accept most major insurances, including Medicare, for physical therapy. As a courtesy, we will verify your physical therapy benefits prior to your first session and will submit all the insurance claims on your behalf.

Where in New York and New Jersey do you travel to?

We will travel to our patients’ homes and places of work in Northern NJ, and Manhattan. If you do not live or work in these locations, contact us for options.

Due to the current reality of COVID-19, what steps do you take to maximize the safety of your physical therapists and patients?

All Spire Home Therapy physical therapists are required to take their temperatures daily. Prior to entering a patient's home or office, your physical therapist is required to sanitize their hands. Masks are required during the entire session, and any equipment brought by your physical therapist will be disinfected immediately following usage. We ask all patients to take their temperature on the day of their appointments and to wear a mask during the session.

What do you bring when you travel to a patient’s home or office?

Your physical therapist will bring basic medical equipment such as a blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter and stethoscope. In addition, your therapist may bring resistance bands, light weights and other small therapy items such as lotion for manual therapy and tools for balance training.