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physical therapy

Physical Therapy 

We specialize in getting to the source and root of your pain or injury. Each session may include:

Pain and Injury Evaluation: Our goal is to help you live a better life with less pain and to achieve your optimal level of function. We will discuss the origin of your pain or injury and get all the detailed information we need to determine how your life is impacted and to design a plan of care for your physical therapy so you can reach your recovery goals. 

Manual Therapy: We utilize hands-on techniques that will relieve pain and promote healing so you can be ready to eliminate the limitations on your function and daily life. 


Therapeutic Exercise Prescription: With our attention to detail and mastery of therapeutic exercises, we will guide you through the proper way to perform exercises that will improve your strength and flexibility and ultimately to properly educate you on how to move better to avoid future injury and pain. 

Education: We believe that knowledge is power. If you have a proper understanding of why you got injured and how the injury or pain has impacted your life, you can begin to take the necessary steps to avoid future injury and maintain an optimal level of health and wellness.

fall risk

Fall Risk Assessment and Balance Training   

Experiencing a fall can lead to a host of complications such as a hip fracture, potential head injury or living with fear of falling - all quite debilitating for an active person. With Spire Home Therapy’s Fall Risk Assessment and Balance Training program, your therapist will assess your balance, strength, flexibility, and coordination, using a variety of evidence-based tests and measures. We will create an individualized program to improve your balance and help you reduce the likelihood of falling.

work station
Man at Desk

Work Station Ergonomics/Home Office Design Consult 

If you are like millions of Americans now working from home, you probably have experienced some neck pain, headaches, back pain or wrist pain. You may even be so uncomfortable that your work is suffering and you are unable to be as productive as you would like. The physical therapists at Spire Home Therapy will bring their in depth knowledge of proper body mechanics, posture and ergonomics to advise you on optimal office and desk setup so you can go back to being as productive as you would like.

Virtual Conference


A telehealth session works the same way as an in-person session. All you need is a good open space, strong internet connection, and a location to place your computer, iPad or iPhone so that there is an unobstructed camera view. 

Many conditions can be treated successfully via a video session. Contact us to learn more about our telehealth option.

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